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Phantom Doctrine
Aug 14, 2018
Good Shepherd Entertainment
CreativeForge Games
~32 hours play time
The year is 1983. The world teeters on the verge of destruction as the Cold War tightens its icy grip. East or West: trust no one, question everything. The fate of humanity rests in your hands as you pit spy versus spy in tactical Phantom Doctrine.

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luke1618 Aug 20, 2018 25 34:50:58 HD Computer RSS
[Updated 27/08/2018]
Aside from the different intro background missions for KGB and MOSSAD background, everything else is the same like CIA. Well, this time I managed to kill Tai Pan, master mind behind everything. So, just 1 video is enough for MOSSAD. I played through the game for the 3rd time to realize that. So just play the game once, folks. Not many changes.

[Updated 24/08/2018]
I've completed DEADPAN playthrough. If you want to understand the story and gameplay mechanics of this game, sure go ahead and watch just any part in the DEADPAN section.

I played through the entire DEADPAN background mostly using stealth. I gave up once I reached part 15. Part 16 and 17 were recorded with the assistance of a trainer to speed up the process.

To be honest, if I keep on playing the game at the rate I was doing when I reached the end of part 15, this playthrough alone could take up to part 30 (approximately 40 hours, my guess.) So I decided to say FUCK THAT SHIT.

Why the hate, you ask? There's nothing wrong with Phantom Doctrine when you play it, well except for some random bugs happen every so often that kinda screw over the WORLD BOARD and then you have to restart the game to get back there.

Anyway, you can still ignore the minor issue there. In fact, for 36$ on Steam, you can play this game for months. Total times you spend on this game could reach over 100 hours if you decide to play through 3 BACKGROUNDS STEALTH ONLY (again, just my thought).

The problem with the game is the fact that they built in the mechanics to slow your progress down ... EVERY STEP of the way. From the amount of money you have to earn to upgrade your base, your crews, your equipment; the constant threats forcing you to move the facility if the danger bar is too high, the endless procedural level generation filled with same types of objectives just to slow you further. Heck, each of those "tiny mission" will eat up about 15 to 25 minutes if you want to collect everything and remain undetected. And then, the time you spend on the investigation boards can take you 7 to 15 minutes to solve each case.

Sounds amazing, right? Yeah, but then you get sick of them. Those stupid cases keep on popping up, and for what reasons? Nothing, some random rewards that once you managed to become familiar with the game, in my case, with STEALTH style of playthrough, mean nothing.

The only thing that hooks you up is the story. But in order to get to the next small part, you will have to spend 2 or 3 hours repeating the same boring process just for the tiny awesome revelations. Yep, that's what makes me lose my patience.

So I'm going to record KODIAK and HAMLOCK backgrounds with trainer activated to speed things up. You don't have to sit through to watch me play some silly "TINY MISSIONS" anymore. Yeah, fuck STEALTH. Too much STEALTH is ABSURD. I'll go in, gun blazing, sweeping through the levels to get to the end faster for those 2 backgrounds. Yes, for the sake of humanity and my insanity.

I'll be back to finish my reviews once I completed them. See you guys soon.

[Updated 20/08/2018]
I've read some reviews on Steam, people sure complain a lot. But if you play this game like any other stealth games, you're good to go. I don't like the fact that you can never miss in this game.

Once you decide to shoot the gun, the damage is dealt in between a min and max number. It means that the enemies can do the same to you. They will mess you up bad once you start shooting. And trust me, you'll get overwhelmed soon if you decide to go in gun blazing.

I don't think I'll do the commentary for this game, the missions are kinda repetitive and mechanics aren't that great either. Maybe once in a while.

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