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Donkey Kong Country
Nov 25, 1994
Rare Ltd.
~3 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
EMPBLMMMSD Dec 15, 2018 12 4:36:11 Super Nintendo RSS
Part 1 - Kongo Jungle
 16:08  Time for Donkey Kong Country. This is a 101% walkthrough,...
Part 2 - Monkey Mines
 27:31  The second world is Monkey Mines. It was very hard to figure...
Part 3 - Vine Valley
 55:08  Again, it was hard cutting things out. Anyway, Vine Valley...
Part 4 - Winky Bonus Stage
 4:08  You can enter a special animal stage if you collect three of...
Part 5 - Collecting Lives #1
 14:34  If I can, everytime I start a new tape, I collect lives. The...
Part 6 - Gorilla Glacier
 38:21  The fourth area of this game. It was very hard to cut out...
Part 7 - Collecting Lives #2
 14:17  Here I am collecting more lives.
Part 8 - Kremkroc Industries Inc. Part 1
 10:46  I've done up to Elevator Antics on this part. I would've...
Part 9 - Kremkroc Industries Inc. Part 2
 9:59  I need to get more lives before I'll do the rest of...
Part 10 - Collecting Lives #3
 23:36  Because it was the beginning of the tape and Funky was not...
Part 11 - Kremkroc Industries Inc. Part 3
 31:11  Here's the rest of the fifth area. And as always, it wasn...
Part 12 - Chimp Caverns Part 1
 30:32  The first part of Chimp Caverns. The rest is on the next...
This guide is not complete. It was last updated on January 18, 2019.
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