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Welcome to Piece of Pie Software!

I do game playthroughs, mainly made to entertain with silly and often random humor. So I hope you don't value your brain cells too highly!

I have finished countless complete game playthroughs, and many recordings of various custom mods, levels, demos, flash games, and MORE!
If you enjoy my videos, and want more than you can find here, check out my YouTube channel for EVERYTHING that I have done:

Still can't get enough? Then you may also be pleased to know that I have a live stream YouTube channel, where I upload all video recorded from my live streaming sessions (channel page contains details on how to find my live stream):

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy the videos!
Game on, folks!
DarkDemonCraze 5 years ago
nice vidz
gamingprincess 7 years ago
have u done any of the resident evil games; I had a lot of fun listening to u in doom 3, u never took a breath, one out there u might light outlast and its seq
HelloJapan960 9 years ago
I am enjoying your stuff, keep it up! =D
UnhloyPaladin 9 years ago
DOOM 4 is on it's way...I can't wait!
pieceofpiesoftware 9 years ago
@Dzmi13: I loved Skyrim, more than Oblivion. But after Oblivion, I won't want to start up another Bethesda game in the foreseeable future.
PokemonUpload 9 years ago
OMG me and you are tied with both 5,324 videos!!!

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The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - "Thief"
Pick 50 locks and 50 pockets
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